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5 finitureCosmetic display cabinets: this is the project we've just carried out for Kerastase, in cooperation with their Italian distributor.
Kerastase, a world-wide famous brand, is the professional hair care products division of L'Oreal.
These cosmetic display cabinets are used in Kerastase hair beauty salons to store and display haircare products.
From Kerastase we have been requested to manufacture nice, elegant and fashionable cabinets, working at the same time as useful and practical display and storage supports.


Beside that, the size of the cabinet presents technical difficulties in manufacturing and requires a special fitting in the craftsman work.
In order to best tell the way we have manufatured these cabinets, we present you here below a slideshow with the manufacturing steps: starting from pieces of plywood until the final package ready for the shipping.


The cabinet is made of two parts of different sizes joined together by 3 hinges. Its size when open: H 1,5 m, W 0, 25 m and 0.15 m, D 0,40 m, closed: W 0,40 m.
The cabinet has the body in plywood, exterior in ivory cream colour leatherette, brass corners, handmade handles, brass locks. Company logo on the exterior.
The top of the cabinet can be opened to present a sort of plexiglass pocket, very useful to show (and update) pictures of the products in shops and stores.
In the slideshow you can see how the cabinet is being built, from plywood, brass components, nails, screws, rivets and studs, to details and finishing, how it has been handled with care during the manufacturing because of its size. You can also have a look at the craftsman work in our company, where all the manufacturing steps are carried out by hand.
Cosmetic display cabinets for Kerastase: this project sums up all the best in our craftsman tradition. Fully-customized design and manufacturing, handmade production, great attention to details for really beautiful (and useful) cabinets.

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