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cartellette e 24 oreSmall cases and briefcases: they are a very useful kind of suitcases, widely used in several different industries.
Infact we design and manufacture small cases and briefcases i.e. for the eyewear sector, for technical components industries, for consumer goods companies, as you can see here from our online reference catalogue.

These cases are mainly used to transport documents, catalogues, brochures, technical and scientific documentations. They are of course used also as sample suitcases, especially for small items o specific items in the eyewear sector, where Emilio Scolari has a long manufacturing experience, as can be seen from this section in our website.
These cases are easy to customize in sizes, finishing, materials and this is their main strenght point.
We have recently developed a small set of cases for a company (technical components industry) with very interesting customization features.
This case has, as usual, a body in plywood (plywood is 4 mm thick), and can be opened on 2 sides, it has 1 handle on top1 lock on the front panel. The exterior covering is the interesting feature: it has a silk screen printing finishing, with the printing representing the company logo and its sales messages.

cartellette e 24 ore set

Customized small cases and briefcases are used to transport documentations and items, but it has to be remembered that they are also a very strong way to promote and advertise the company, since they are part of the global company corporate image.
Small cases and briefcases with this kind of customization offer easy branding options with these covering exteriors and endless ways to promote the company.
If your company needs nicely customized small cases and briefcases with a top level manufacturing, our company Emilio Scolari is the right choice.


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