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espositoreYSL frontShop display counters: we have a long experience in working for well-known brands, as can be seen from these projects, and we have recently had the opportunity to cooperate with the world-known brand Yves Saint Laurent Beauté for a set of these counters.

It has been a very interesting working experience, and we are glad to present here the shop counters we designed and developed for them; here are other projects for the make up industry.

These luxury shop display counters have a special shape and combine practical storage with nice display areas. They look like a sort of a desk/table, with a very useful display area on the top and storage areas underneath, on the back side.
The counter has a body in plywood (here a strong body is needed, so the plywood is 10 mm thick), exterior in black color leatherette with a elegant smooth-effect leather texture, with Yves Saint Laurent Beauté logo on the front side.
Sizes: Width:1, 2 m, Depth: 0,40 m, Height: 1, 10m.

The counter shows its real utility features on the back side: there are 2 sets of 3 fixed plywood shelves on the right side and on the left side, resulting in separate blocks used to store products, leaflets, samples, gadgets, etc.
The cabinet is made of 3 separate parts : the top/central area and 2 legs; they are separate for easy transport but at the same time they can be quickly assembled.

YSL 02

These shop display counters offer high quality standard and useful features together with elegant style. They are used in perfumery shops and corners shops in shopping centres.
For Yves Saint Laurent  Beauté we designed the counters and manufactured each item on a fully customized base, to best meet the requirements set out by the customer.
Other counters and cabinets can be seen here.
This project is the best way to attest our high level standard in manufacturing and working with top-level customers. At the same time, it means we can handle with success every kind of project, from small orders from small companies to complex project for famous brands.

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