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Kerastase 02Sample cases and suitcases: we would like to take here the opportunity to have a closer look to our products as displayed on our website. We launched our fully renovated website about a year ago,

with the aim to regard it as a comprehensive catalogue of our sample suitcases production and since then it has performed well as a reference to requests from our customers.
First of all, it must be noted that we manufacture each item on a fully customized basis, as we've always made in our long craftsmanship history. It means that products in our website have to be considered as a reference for the case the customer needs to be realized, with the exception of the section for eyewear sector, where you can find all the products for the eyewear industry.

We serve companies from several industries, as can be seen on the right area on the website, “Prodotti per Utilizzo”, which refers to the different products developed for several sectors. Just to name a few, there are cosmetics, make up, jewellery, technical instruments, scientific devices, gift items, plus a wide section for eyewear sector. As a consequence, we manufacure also several different kinds of sample cases and suitcases, as shown in the left column on the homepage,“Prodotti per Tipologie”. There are suitcases, cases, trunks, trolleys, light suitcases, boxes, frames, etc. 

Browsing the pages in the website, more than 900 pictures and details of the products are available.
Cartier Monza Expo 2

Besides that, every week we publish a post dealing with a specific project/product, so to give more detailed information on technical features on manufacturing process and materials. See here information on Optical display furniture for a new retail store, and here for Custom-made furniture for shops, showrooms, and exhibitions.

JFRey 05

Sometimes we provide also a closer look to the way we work,  as you can see here referring to a project for Kerastase.
Finally, since we think the opinion of our customer is really the most important factor in our work, we post also short interviews with some of our clients: see here the interview with Silvia Orioli-Cartier.
Sample cases and suitcases are important for every company to transport and to promote its products: keep in touch with Emilio Scolari's updates and posts on our website and on our company pages on Linkedin and Facebook.
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