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Kerastase 01 Custom-made furniture for shops, showrooms, and exhibitions: our company has developed a strong experience in designing and manufacturing customized furniture to furnish shops and showrooms and also for trade fair and exhibitions. We cooperate directly with customer companies or also with interior designers and architectural studios, in implementing furniture and displays projects for shops and showrooms.

We realized custom-made furniture for several sectors and industries: eyewear industry, cosmetics, mechanical and technical components sectors, jewellery stores, just to name a few.
Please have a look here for cabinets and other display furniture form Emilio Scolari: most of these cabinets were designed 

Espositori 01

and developed to fulfil a specific client's request, and they have afterwards become part of our general catalogue.

A nice example of a cosmetic display cabinet is this one: it is a nice and fashionable cabinet, made for Kerastase, the world-wide famous brand, to be used in beauty salons and shops to store and display cosmetic products, working at the same time as practical display and storage support. The cabinet is made of two parts of different sizes joined together by 3 hinges.

Here is another piece of furniture: it is a cabinet, useful in several sectors (eyewear, bijoux, technical items), used for display purposes: can be used for both trade fairs and exhibitions, and also in stores. It has several nice and practical features:

mobile sangiorgio

doors and shelves in plexiglass, and lightining in the interior to show the products at best. But, most of all, it can be used for carrying the products, since the body and exterior are sturdy enough to protect the items, and it can be very quickly turned in a nice display cabinet.

Here is another example of custom-made furniture: it is a large display cabinet, (W 2 m, H 1,2 m, D 0,7 m), used as the main display piece of furniture in a shop (eyewear sector), where 2 of these cabinets are placed side by side. The body is in plywood, with exterior in aluminum, and with 8 wheels; it has 60 small trays, 6 medium trays, for different models of eyeglasses, and 6 big trays for eyewear cases; each tray holds 10 pairs. 

JFRey 08

Together, the two big cabinets hold 1320 pairs. And this is another custom-made furniture, used for transport, storage and display purposes. When opened, the cabinet is made of two separate parts,

JFRey 05

when closed, it is ready to be shipped to trade fairs and exhibitions, where it is very quickly turned into a display support. It presents severall trays/drawers, which numbers and sizes are 

fully customized upon customer's request.Also in manufacturing custom-made furniture for shops and exhibitions, our main features remain the same: fully-customized and handmade production, craftsmanship experience, great attention to details to best fulfil our customers' requests.



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