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valigia articoli nuzialiWedding items sample suitcases: in our long history as a company, we have manufactured sample suitcases for several and many different industries and sectors. 

Just to mention one, we have realized sample suitcases also for companies in the wedding favors and items sector. The latest project has been for Nastrificio Ambrosiano, a Milan-based company producing ribbons (for wedding flavors and flower shops), artificial flowers, tulle, doilies, and everything for wedding favors. 

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These sample suitcases are meant to trasport and display at best these wedding items and decorations, so the design must take into consideration that these objects are usually fragile and delicate.

The sample suitcase for Nastrificio Ambrosiano has the body in plywood, brand name on the exterior front panel, exterior in black leatherette with an “aged look” effect and decorative stitching, metal handle, corners and locks. The interior of the case is the most interesting part: it presents 2 stacked trays plus a third tray on the lid, all of them velvet-lined and equipped with a a speciat elastic thread to display the items, which are the flowers to be used in the wedding favors.
valigia articoli nuziali apertaThis has been a small scale project with a limited set of cases, it means that our company can ensure also this kind of customer's request.

We've produced also other models of sample suitcases for wedding items for different customers. I.e. a case with wheels and handle on top, with six stacked trays, and special cases with multiple opening-lids, handle on top and a telescoping handle on the side.

Bomboniere 01

These are very interesting from a manufacturing point of view: thanks to a system with several hinges, the case can be opened in different sections, so that more products can be carried and more display options are available.
For wedding items sample cases, as well as for all the cases we have manufactured, we are very proud of the design solutions we have provided to our customers in all our long company history.

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