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Vintage style suitcases, not only sample suitcases by Emilio Scolari.
We have in fact recently been requested to manufacture vintage suitcases for a driver taking part in the Mille Miglia, the famous regularity race for classic and vintage cars

Today our cars have trunks, folding seats, roof racks, etc, to store and carry suitcases, but in the past many cars did not have enclosed trunks, meaning that the suitcase was simply mounted outiside the car. Besides, most of the trunks were of very small dimension, with little room for luggages.

In both casese, we need to manufacture custom suitcases both with a vintage look and sturdy at the same time.

For cars with the en

Ripoduzioni storiche 04closed trunk, we need to build fitted suitcases for the specific cars, in order to do so we have received the exact specificationsof the original design.

The vintage suitcase has a body in plywood, exterior in leatherette with shiny and vitrify effect, interior comes canvas-lined with two adjustable belts, dividers and pockets. On the exterior: same color or contrasting color leatherette corners and studded trim. Lockers and handmade handle are in real vintage style.

Please note the front on this suitcase: it is sort of a slanting one, so to best fit in the small enclosed trunk.
At Emilio Scolari we manufa

vintage suitcase trunk

cture vintage style suticases not only for vintage cars but also for showrooms, events, locations. Please see here other examples

vintage suitcases

As for the vintage style suitcases, when a custom- and handmade 

manufacturing is needed, for demanding customers' requests, please contact us: we can offer our long-established craftmanship at its top quality level.



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