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Musical instrument case: Emilio Scolari has been requested to manufacture a very special project, a case for a musical instrument with a very peculiar story.

The story begins (again) with Simone Fermani, an Italian musician and conductor, and as guest conductor he is estensively performing in Italy and abroad.

From original documents he discovered an ancient istrument, the sistrum, designed by Gioacchino Rossini for his “Barbiere di Siviglia”, but the instrument disappeared after the premiere of this opera in Rome in 1816. Mr Fermani has built a new sistrum following this ancient documents, and this sistrum has been used for the first time after its re-discovering in the performance of “Il Barbiere di Siviglia” that he conducted at the Opéra Marseille in 1998. Afterwards, he published an essay, supported by the Gioacchino Rossini Fondazione in Pesaro, about the sistrum, its story and its reconstruction, receiving wide interest from Italian and international press.
The sistrum has a very ancient story: it is a percussion musical instrument, dating back to the ancient Egypt. It consists of a handle and a U-shaped metal frame, made of brass or bronze, and when shaken it produces a sound. In the following centuries it was o

Strumenti Musicali 02

ften replaced by the tambourine.

This sistrum is now a unique piece, and Emilio Scolari has been requested to manufacture the musical instrument case.
The case has been made with a body in plywood, exterior in leatherette, the interior is velvet-line. It has a special shape, aprox. L 80 cm, W 40 cm.

This project for a musical instrument case means that we are able to manufacture cases with every shape needed to protect and transport an object. It means also that we are able to literally “build” the case “around” the object.
And last, but not least, it means that we manufacture with care and passion, the same care and same passion of our customers, asking us for special projects for their special objects.


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