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JR Rey chiusaEyewear display cabinets mod. Transport are used for display purposes: they can be used for both trade fairs and exhibitions and also in stores.
This is the kind of eyewear cabinets we manufactured for J. F. Rey, an international eyewear design company based in France. The firm designs creative and innovative optical and solar frames.

JF Rey aperta

The eyewear display cabinet (see here other examplesis one of large dimensions: H 1,2 m, W 0,55 m. The body of the cabinet is made of plywood, with exterior in aluminum and nylon waterproof; drawers also are made of plywood with canvas exterior; internal divisions are all handmade. The cabinet has a special feature: the front panel is fully removable. It comes with wheels, tested up to 30 kg for each wheel: it means it is really a strong case. Company logo: on the front and on side panels.

This cabinet has 16 drawers, each of them holds 18 pairs of sunglasses. Drawers come in different sizes, depending on the frames to be hold inside: drawers are H 45mm for sunglasses, H 35 mm for glasses, H 65 mm for mask frames.

These eyewear display cabinets are widespread used for easy and safe transport of products to trade fairs and exhibitions. They are strong for a safe moving, easy to handle thanks to the wheels and at the same time they are ready for storage and display use. They are a multi-purpose case: thanks to the fully removable front panel, they can also be used in stores, as storage and display case.

Eyewear display cabinets by Emilio Scolari are fully-customized and handmade cases: a top quality manufacturing meeting the specific requirements, also of the most demanding customers.

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