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GidaProfumi apertaPerfumery sample cases are the cases we have manufactured for Gida Profumi Srl, an Italian distributor in the perfumery sector. They have recently started distributing a brand called Farmacia SS. Annunziata dal 1561. The brand makes reference to a very important and long-established Pharmacy in Florence, with a long history in producing fragrances respecting the best tradition of the "maitres parfumiers".

The brand includes perfumes, shower gels, body creams, soaps, face and body cosmetics, for men and women.
Gida Profumi has requested Emilio Scolari to design and manufacturet the perfumery sample cases for this brand, with feat

GidaProfumi cassetti

ures for easy and safe transportation but also with a stylish appeal.
Please have a look on this page at some other example of perfumery sample case by Emilio Scolari.

This perfumery sample case comes with 2 drawers, has a body made of plywoodblack smooth leatherette exterior. It is a molded-case, since the interior comes with high density PE custom-foam, to best hold and display the perfumery items. The internal side of the cover presents a sort of a pocket (made of transparent plastic material), that works beautifully to show pictures of the products when used as display case in shops and stores (the pocket will be added when manufacturing the sample cases, it is not present in the sampling case in the pictures).

These cases are mainly sample cases designed for easy travel, but thanks to some features such as the pocket on the cover they are also very nice display boxes.
When producing perfumery sample cases, our company provides its long craftsmanship experience in designing and manufacturing products on a fully customized basis. Each single profumery item infact must in fact fit perfectly in the case, responding to both safe transportation and nice display features.

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