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mobile sangiorgioOptical display furniture for Ottica Sangiorgio's new retail store: this is the project we have recently carried out for Ottica Sangiorgio, a retailer in the eyewear sector.
Since our company has a well established experience incooperating with architecs and interior designer in implementing furniture and displays projects for shops and showrooms (please have a look here for other cabinets), we have been asked to design and develop the furniture pieces for the new shop.

trolley chiuso sangiorgio

The project is made of two big cabinets and two trolleys.
The cabinet is one of large dimension (W 2 m, H 1,2 m, D 0,7 m), and it is the main display piece of furniture in the shop, where the 2 cabinets are placed side by side. The body is in plywood, with exterior in aluminum, with wheels; it has 60 small trays, 6 medium trays, for different models of eyeglasses, and 6 big trays for eyewear cases; each tray holds 10 pairs.
Together, the two big cabinets hold 1320 pairs.


trolley aperto otticasangiorgio The trolley is a special case, made for display purposes in a shop. It has the body in plywood, exterior in leatherette (crocodile skin effect), with 4 wheels, no handle on the top but one on the side designed for easy moving in store. It has a particular feature for the complete opening of the front panel, so to display all the drawers/trays 

(each of them holds 18 pairs of both eyeglasses and sunglasses).

Also in the customized manufacturing of optical display pieces of furniture our main features are the same: close cooperation with the customer to best fulfil his detailed requirements, high quality materials and, above all, our craftmanship experience for outstanding results.

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