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display boxWe have recently manufactured a set of eyewear storage and display boxes for Eschenbach Optik Srl, the Italian subsidiary of Eschenbach Optik, a German manufacturer and wholesaler of metal and plastic spectacle frames, ready-to-wear sunglasses, vision technology products, consumer optics.

Here we present you a short talk we had with Emanuele Gedda, General Manager Eschebach Optik Srl, on the custom-made cases they requested us.
We have been working with Eschenbach Optik Srl for 15 years and we have manufactured many display and sample cases for them. For example, we have recently realized customized free-standing shop window eyewear displays and eyewear suitcases with trays.

They are eyewear storage and display boxes with a body made of plywoodexterior in black leatherettea plexiglass lid. Interior comes satin-lined, and it can hold 12 frames (6 rows of 2). The exterior comes with the brand name on the lid. Please note the lid: it can slid backwards and become a prop to keep the case in a standing position, so the box can be turned into a display stand and show at best the frames.
How did you get to know our company?
I've known about the company for a long time, Emilio Scolari is a well-known Italian brand-name, with a long tradition in eyewear sample case manufacturing.
Why did you choose our company?
I have choosen your company for its high quality level and its craftsman manufacturing.
In your opinion, which is the strength point of Emilio Scolari' s products?
Quality and flexibility in manufacturing cases on a fully-customized upon request.

eschenbach cover



Do you have any suggestion to keep improving our products?
I don't have any suggestion, since I'm quite satisfied with the products you manufactured for us: they fully met our requests.
Would you recommend our company?
Yes for sure!

Emilio Scolari has a long tradition in customized eyewear suitcases and boxes, please have a look here for other products.
Eyewear storage and display boxes by Emilio Scolari: these boxes provide the best solution for in-store display and for storage needs.


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