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TransferOil chiusaTechnical components sample suitcases: these are the cases we manufactured for Transfer Oil S.p.A, an Italian company world-wide distributed and well known. Transfer Oil is one of the biggest independent thermoplastic hose manufacturers for various industrial and hydraulic applications in the medium, high and very high pressure range.

Our company has designed and produced on a fully-customized basis these sample suitcases for Transfer Oil's thermoplastic hoses.
Emilio Scolari has a long experience in carrying out projects in designing and producing cases for various technical items, as you can see here.

This thermoplastic hoses sample suitcase has a body made of plywood, exterior with brassed protective corners, lock on the front panel, one handle on the top; personalized nameplate with company logo on the exterior. 

TransferOil apertaInterior comes with high density PE foam with molded divisions, since the thermoplastic hoses (of different sizes, from 2 mm up to 54 mm diameter) need to be secured in place and to be hold upright in the case. Please have a look at the picture here at the customized case interior.

This is an example of technical components sample suitcases, fully custom-made, designed to transport and protect this eq

uipment at best. This is why both interior and exterior must meet specific safety requirements when carrying high quality samples.
Our long manufacturing experience, together with top quality materials, provides maximum performance and meets specific customer needs.


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