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ELeocadi apertaJewellery display suitcases: these are the cases we have recently manufactured for Emanuela Leocadi, an Italian bijoux designer and owner of, e-commerce of bijoux handmade in Italy.

Here we present you a short talk we had with Emanuela Leocadi on the custom-made cases she requested us.
We manufactured these jewellery display suitcases for Emanuela Leocadi's bijoux collection: case with a plywood body and a luxury leatherette (crocodile skin effect) exterior, with 4 wheels, and handle on the top. Interior comes with slide-out drawers (velvet-lined) of different sizes and compartments. The suitcase is multipurpose: the cover is totally removable, so the case can also be used in show-room, also with a rack on the top for displaying the bijoux.

Leocadi cover

How did you get to know our company's products?
I first met Emilio Scolari's products through a Linkedin Group for Sales Representatives.
Why did you choose our company?
I choose Emilio Scolari because I was in a urgent need for a display suitcase with very specific features, that was impossible to find elsewhere.
In your opinion, which is the strength point of Emilio Scolari' s products?
Craftsmanship and great care for all single details, together with a strong attitude in manufacturing customized products for every needs.

Would you recommend our products? If so, for what reasons?
Yes for sure: infact I've already recommended your products. The suitcase you manufactured for my company has an excellent quality level, it is beautiful, elegant and stylish. That's the result of a strict cooperation with Mr Fabio, who has always been very nice and ready to help.

Leocadi chiusa

Do you have any suggestion to keep improving our products?

Right now I don't have enough experience so to give any suggestion; anyway, the products are really very good as they are.

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Jewellery display suitcases by Emilio Scolari: the right choice of a fully customized luxury display suitcase to carry and to display beautiful handmade products. Always at the highest quality level.

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