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LAmi Vespa 01Eyewear display suitcases: these are the cases we have recently manufactured for L'AmyGroup Italy, an Italian frames manufacturer and licensed distributor for famous brands, part of the international L'Amy Group.

Here we present you a short talk we had with Francesco CalarcoSales Director L'Amy Group Italy, on the custom-made cases they requested us.
We manufactured these eyewear display suitcases for L'Amy latest eyewear collections: case with a plastic body and a nylon exterior, and eyewear sample tray (for the case interior) holding 12 frames (3 rows of 4). The exterior comes with the brand name Vespa Piaggio.

How did you get to know our company's products?
Through your email newsletters.
Why did you choose our company?
Products have an excellent value for money.
In your opinion, which is the strength point of Emilio Scolari' s products?
Flexibility; highly customizable products.
Would you recommend our products? If so, for what reasons?
Yes for sure. Delivery deadlines are always met on time and the work is well done. Besides, the staff at Emilio Scolari is nice and ready to help.

LAmy Piaggio 01

Do you have any suggestion to keep improving our products?

Not at this moment, I've just start using the suitcase. Maybe, I may suggest to take care of comfortable carrying (the trolley case is not easy to carry when traveling, but on this respect, the company itself said that a handle would be useful).


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These cases combine light weight with the best protection and displays features.

Eyewear display suitcases: Emilio Scolari has a long tradition in manufacturing fully customized eyewear cases, mixing craftman ability and modern technology to reach outstanding results.




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