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astucci posateria apertoCases for cutlery: Recently our company has made the boxes for cutlery for a French company, which had contacted us with the precise requirements for the product. For us it is confirmation that our sample cases are containers that meet the different needs of client companies. In this case, it is in fact a case that has not only the function to transport a service complete cutlery, but also must contain and maintain the characteristics of the product, and at the same time must be able to put in the service exposure of cutlery for enhance them.

This case for cutlery is intended to lines of high-end cutlery, made of precious materials and design products.
The container has a wooden frame, the exterior is clad in special paper, while the interior is flocked with the cover customized with the corporate brand.
The case in the picture is for a complete service from 12, with cutlery and table service, which are placed on the bottom and on the lid. In the picture, the detail of the dividers that organize the bottom of the case. These dividers to accommodate the individual cutlery are made with a coated strip flocked 140 cm long and 2 cm high, which is pleated to form a continuous wave. On the cover are instead placed the utensils of service and kitchen. he case is entirely made by and in our laboratory, thanks to the skill and knowledge of the craft of our employees.
Always intended for silver cutlery, are the frames, which are inserted inside the drawers: each frame contains a portion of the cutlery, and it takes several to contain all the cutlery service. Compared with cases for cutlery, have a different way of storing and presenting the cutlery: inserted inside the drawers, are used to put in evidence the individual cutlery by type, preserving them from external agents.

Aurelio Dotti 01a 06 300x122L'astuccio nella foto è per un servizio completo da 12, con le posate da tavola e di servizio, che trovano posto sul fondo e sul coperchio. Nella foto, il particolare dei divisori che organizzano il fondo dell'astuccio. Questi divisori per alloggiare le singole posate sono realizzati con una striscia rivestita in floccato lunga 140 cm e alta 2 cm, che viene pieghettata a formare un'onda continua. Sul coperchio trovano invece posto gli utensili di servizio e da cucina.Aurelio Dotti 01b 06 300x139

The boxes for cutlery and flatware frames are made for manufacturers of cutlery, in person or under license, for retail in the restaurant business, but also to end customers in the event of cases and frames designed for collaborations with designers and architects d 'interiors for shops and private homes.
Cases for cutlery to use and different audiences but with a common characteristic: work entirely by hand with the ability of our long tradition of craftsmanship.


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