Emilio Scolari - Artigiani a Milano dal 1922

Emilio Scolari’s company has always been characterized by great artisan skills in creating custom suitcases models according to the client specific needs; moreover, we realize with the greatest care even the small series of items, made for particular expositions or collections of samples.
Emilio Scolari’s custom made suitcases are realized in strict cooperation with the clients andare inspired by exclusive design models; the suitcases are produced in the firm’s workshop, by highly specialized and experienced artisans.
The attention we pay to every detail concerning accessories, components, decorations, together with the use of finest quality materials, allow the production of tailormade suitcases which satisfy every custom’s desire, even in case of small series; our items show high functionality, long duration, good aesthetics, and are suitable for every occasion and necessity.
You can find here every detail of the different parts You can choose to create Your own suitcase, 100% custom made!








Inside pocket

External pocket

Drawers / Frame Accessories

Pocket accessories

Trolley customized


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Via San Domenico Savio, 16 – 20861 Brugherio – Milano - Italia - Telefono 039-291.2261 - Email info@emilioscolari.it

Emilio Scolari è un marchio della Valigie Campionario S.r.l. / P.Iva C.F. 05447810960

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