Emilio Scolari - Artigiani a Milano dal 1922

The name of Emilio Scolari, since over 90 years, is referred to a great italian artisans’ tradition, combined with high quality of materials, accessories and components, and to the excellence of our productive processes.
Since 1922, three Scolari’s generations have been successfully working in the management of one of the oldest artisan shops in Milan. Nowadays, after almost 100 years of experience, the brand Emilio Scolari means great productive skills, design uniqueness, great attention to the client, in order to create superior quality sample suitcases: more functional, esthetically better, more solidity.
Artisans in Milan since the end of the first postwar period: the first Scolari’s leather goods workshop was opened in 1922 in the city center, in via cerva behind the famous Milan Cathedral.
Emilio Scolari started his career as a simple apprentice in his family’s workshop, learning most skills thanks to a continous training with the expert artisans.After becoming a capable craftsman, he took over his family’s shop, turning it into a specializedcompany, particularly focused on the production of sample suitcases, which demand was growing fast in those years.


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The very strong connection of Emilio Scolary with his firm is clearly showed by our logo: his own signature. The Scolari’s logo has never been changed since the foundation of the company, and never will be replaced in the future.
In 2005, Scolari “passed the baton” to Fabio A. Orzieri, formerly service industries businessman. Orzieri has been taking over Scolari’s tradition and passion, to create high artisan quality products and to fulfill better and better his clients’ requests.
Emilio Scolari cooperated in creating the “AssoValigieCampionario”, AVC, an association of the italian sample suitcasesproductors, with the purpose of garanteeing and certifying the finest items’ quality as well as protecting and promoting “Made in Italy” worlwide.
The old artisans’ tradition in our workshop in Milan is the best guarantee for Emilio Scolari’s items.

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